The True Story of Atticus and Hazel by Fisher Amelie


Just staring at the cover image of this book has my heart racing. I finished reading it less than 8 hours ago (at time of writing this, of course) and I cannot stop thinking about their story.  I tried… I tried but instead I just started reading it again.


It only took a second. 

Overwhelming chemistry isn’t something anyone ever prepares you for. It’s not like your mama sits you down and warns you one day you might stumble upon someone impossible to resist, someone who sets your soul on fire. Combustible, explosive attraction is just the tip of the iceberg for Atticus Kelly and Hazel Stone. One touch between them can set them on fire, one word from their lips can send them careening, one look can cripple them to their knees. They are an inferno and they’re approaching the end of their wick. 

Burning too fast, way too fast. 

Except there’s nothing to temper the fever. 

And the ramifications may be more than they can afford. 

Everyone knows when it goes up in flames, there’s no saving the kindling. 

The decision only took a second. Just a second. 

“Hazel, what happened?”

I’m hopeless. And this review is going to be quote heavy. Not sorry.

Have you ever met someone with whom you felt an instant chemistry? That was this stranger for me. It was instantaneous, intoxicating, and overwhelming. It was the most smack-you-in-the-face, deep attraction I’d ever felt.

In less than three pages I knew. It was instantaneous, intoxicating, and overwhelming. Yes, Atticus and Hazel is a story of insta-love in the extreme, but it is so much more than that. SO. MUCH. MORE.

“Do you feel this?” he asked, squeezing my hand a little.  “Yes, I feel it.” “What is that?” he asked me. “It’s attraction, Atticus.” “No,” he argued, “this isn’t attraction, Hazel. This is gravitation.”

This is a hard review for me to write because it consists entirely of my blubbering emotions. I went in blind, thinking it was just you run of the mill angsty love story. Wrong. It has been a solid 24 hours since I finished (yes, I took a break writing this) and it still weighs on my heart in a way that makes it hard to form coherent thoughts. I’ve started several other books in this short amount of time just to stave off the pit of emotional despair the book wanted to throw me into.

Do Atticus and Hazel have a Happily Ever After? Yes. But the road to get there is one of the more rough roads I have ever traveled with a pair.

Atticus is a 26 year old musician and music producer, Hazel is a 20 year old student and artist. They meet at a bar and I won’t tell you more because I just can’t.

The story focuses more on on our main pair and the story of their relationship than anything else, with mention of family and glimpses of other characters that float in and out of your peripheral. If you enjoy fleshed out side characters or a detailed history of your main characters then you might find issue with Atticus and Hazel. Fortunately for me, I was in love with them both regardless by the end of the first chapter.

“I’m not ever going to stop, Hazel. I know it seems stupid. I know how insane the notion that two people can, in fact, be divinely designed sounds, but I know it’s true. I know this now. Because I can tell you with absolute certainty that you are meant to be with me, Hazel Stone.”

There are ups and there are downs that are so low you feel as though you are crashing right through the core of the Earth. There are stupid mistakes made by both Atticus, and Hazel but in a way, in makes them more human does it not? It may be a story of insta-love but it takes 258 pages for them to really figure out the meaning of it all.

I wanted this review to be magical, to be sheer perfection but really it’s just me, reliving the damn thing again. Feeling butterflies swoon all over my insides and heartache slamming into my chest so hard I can’t hear the beats that keep me going anymore.

“When they meet, those two points, when they finally come together after the wars, the battles, the wrong that has surrounded them in the ripples of their existence, after the longing, the misery, the torture of seeing each other as their future complete, that moment, that second, that instant will be their most vindicating time. It will be quiet; it will be unassuming. No one who sees it will be aware of their perfect collision, but it will be an explosion amongst themselves, for only them to know, for only them to feel. It will be proof they can weather anything, absolutely anything that comes their way. Even if it meant the end of the earth, Hazel Stone, it would not mean the end of the world. They are perpetual. They are forever.”

Just go read it before I end up spilling my guts and spoiling it-






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