Touched by Death, T.L. Martin


You have a light inside you, and the only person who gets to decide whether that light shines or not is you.

Touched by Death took me by surprise in the best way!  A story about life, death, about family, love and a good mystery to tie it all together.


What if Death was more tempting than you had ever imagined?

With Grams’s recent passing and a boyfriend who cares more about his next drink than her, Lou Adaire only wants to run. To start over somewhere new — maybe in a town where her family has history.

But when a storm sends Lou’s truck plunging into Tuttle Creek Lake, she discovers exactly what it’s like to fight for your life. To gasp for air only to have your lungs fill with icy water. To die.

What comes next changes everything.

Dark eyes. Consuming presence.

Death. As vague as a dream yet as intense as the lightning flashing above her still heart.
Everything about him calls out to her, tugging at her with the warm vibration of his pull. He’s supposed to take her; they both know it. She wants him to.

When she wakes in the hospital in a new town, she can’t forget what she saw. That impossible sensation of him breathing life back into her, a strong beat playing in her chest and a flutter running down her spine.

Trying to move on with her life in a foreign place is hard enough, but when he comes back for more — his burning touch against her skin, his consuming presence weaving in and out of her life, and his own scars running far deeper than hers — Lou begins to realize there’s more to Death, and to the sleepy Kansas town, than she ever expected to find.

Lou lived. But what if she’s not the only one in need of saving?

We meet Lou as she is making the decision to uproot her life and move…run far away from everything that isn’t holding her back. While on the road to a hopeful new start, her car careens off a bridge and died. Should have stayed dead.

Lou feels an intense connection with Death (and who wouldn’t, Ms. Martin has created a swoon-worth character if ever there was one!) and while she should be afraid, she isn’t.

I don’t understand the way he makes me feel. How someone I don’t even know could have such an effect on me. When he’s near, it’s like something else takes over entirely. It’s a warm oil being slowly, lazily, drizzled down my neck, spine, and thighs before it’s set on fire- a blazing, all-consuming, give-me-more kind of fire.

While this is a romance, and what a romance!- there is also a past connection to the new town Lou has made her home, new friends that have secrets of their own, a mysterious employer who knows more than he says, and a darkness that has the ability to take over every sense and make one feel absolutely nothing… threatening to capture Lou and never set her free.

I became so wrapped up in this story, falling in love all too easily with Death- and for a debut paranormal romance it is definitely above par. Aside from, like, one tiny nit picky thing on my end I give Touched by Death a solid five stars- an absolutely you-must-read-this-book book.

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Thank you T.L. Martin for providing me with an eARC to read and review!

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