Early Review: Needing Him by Kennedy Fox

Listen, book boyfriends are real. They are a thing, and I collect them. Collect might be an understatement- hoard is a better word. I hoard them and I have no shame. I knew before I even finished reading Taming Him (Bishop Brothers #1, baby brother Alex), that Evan was mine. So much so that I insisted #evanismine from the get go whenever he was brought up. We’ll come back to why this is important in a bit…

Oldest brother, alpha male, broody, possessive, domineering? HELLO! Yes, this review will be long, I will ramble, curse, use SHOUTY CAPS and talk about sexy times.

After aggressively syncing my Kindle when the ARCs were sent, and finally seeing that deliciously naughty cover in my library I dove right the fuck in. Needing Him is an enemies to lovers romance, one of my absolute favorite tropes. All that angst, arguing, and hate fucking? HELLS YES.

“Let me be real clear, Dr. Bell.” I align my cock at her entrance as I whisper the words over her ear. My free hand wraps around her throat as the other fists my cock and pushes an inch inside her. “I’m the one in control here.” I push in another inch. “At work…” Another inch. “And inside you.”

Yeah, not sorry about THAT quote.

Okay, so, Evan Bishop, Doctor Evan Bishop- Mr. Undateable, tumbles into bed (more like plows, AM I RIGHT?) with a woman that has agreed to a nothing personal, no awkward morning after, one night stand. They’ll never have to see each other again.

HA! Jokes on them, and the fun for us begins.

Emily Bell, from the prologue I already like her way more than River (Taming Him), sorry Kfox! She’s smart, she’s funny, she is not here to take your shit. She moves from the big city, hoping for a fresh start. But her past catches up to her (in more ways than one- one in which had me laughing so hard I nearly pissed myself SPOILERS), enter suspense subplot! It was this subplot that had me giddy, I love a bit of the creepy, scary moments. Nothing like putting the female lead in danger to make our alpha male turn into a full blooded cavemen (RAWR!).

Emily isn’t the only one with some baggage, which is fantastic, the more the better! Evan has his own sad story which of course makes him soft like pudding on the inside while he’s all hard, broody, edges on the outside. When these two come together (badum tis!) in the heat of the moment (on more than one occasion), I found myself hollerin’, “FUCK YASS GET. IT. GIRL.”

There are sweet moments and slice of life moments interwoven so it’s not all angry, grab her face and kiss her so she shuts the fuck up moments.

“I’m falling head over heels, and there’s nothing there to catch me— just Evan.”

One of the things I really like about Needing Him (the Bishop Brother’s in general) is how Kfox weaves in everyday life for the boys and their family. Dinner at Mama Bishops, helping out at the Ranch, the B&B, family birthday parties and other moments that make you feel a part of something bigger. It’s not just a romance between our leads, but a cast of side characters that has definitely carved out places in our hearts.

While there are moments in the story that I cringed, JUST A LITTLE, because 1. I hate the pet name “baby” and 2. SPOILERS and 3. I CALLED IT, (I literally yelled, “I KNEW IT!! At 10:30pm when everyone else in my house was sleeping) but SPOILERS. Really, these few, minor instances are me being nitpicky, and the things that I personally dislike in romances. It is not secret that I didn’t LOVE Taming Him, I enjoyed it yes, but it wasn’t my favorite (it was so sugary sweet, and I just can’t deal with all the happy fun nice times). Needing Him was everything Taming Him wasn’t, and I LOVED it.

So, is Evan still mine? APPARENTLY NOT, according to Emily Bell herself. Brooke and Lyra, you cheeky bastards, I love you. Obnoxious, rabid Evan Bishop fangirl or not, AT LEAST I LANDED IN HIS LAP, I will always have that.

“Evan, oh my God! I was hoping I’d see ya here!” April comes barreling through , and when I turn to see how far away she is and if I have time to run away or not, she stumbles when someone suddenly pulls their chair out and falls right into my lap.”

Without spoiling too much, I can say that the entire scene in question is hilarious and while #evanisstillmine, #aprildevinneedslovetoo.

Should you read Needing Him? Shit yes! Haven’t I convinced you yet? What’s wrong with you?


Preorder Links:

AMAZON ➙ smarturl.it/6ggfwg
iBOOKS  ➙ http://apple.co/2DBSO5j
B&N  ➙ http://bit.ly/2CqscHP
KOBO  ➙ http://bit.ly/2lteudx

Side Bar: can we just talk about John, and HOW FUCKING READY I AM FOR THIS BOY?

“Out of all the brothers, I know he’s the one who has some kept secrets. He’s too quiet when it comes to anything personal, and I’ve learned that people are quiet for a reason. Though he’s always nice to me, I often wonder what’s hiding under that exterior of his.”

Yeah, bring it.

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