April is the love child of caffeine and curse words, she can’t go without one or the other for long. Basically, never. She has two spawn of her own, suffers from ending aversion and reading too many books at the same time (no, seriously). Notorious mood reader, and has zero chill when she latches onto a new fandom- both of which can be partially attributed to her ADHD. April is a fierce advocate for mental health, and has lived a long time with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety (recently, and finally, being diagnosed with Adult ADHD). She identifies primarily as a dysfunctional yet totally fucking rad human.

She thrives on mood driven music, carbohydrates, fabulously forbidden, deliciously dark and twisted as fuck romance, as well as poetry and impulse buying things she absolutely does not need. An avid supporter of independent authors, small businesses and anyone who lives their best life by doing what they love. Foreign films, anime, and Netflix documentaries is what will lure her away from books, maybe.

With a Witch’s heart, a writer’s soul and a mind that never quiets, April is finally chasing her dreams of being a writer while acknowledging her self worth and total badassery.