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Never Have I Ever, Kennedy Fox Edition

Happy Release Day to Kennedy Fox and Falling for the Playboy! You can read my early review of Falling for the Playboy here. If you don’t know who Kennedy Fox is, here is the short version: Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish joined together to write under the pseudonym Kennedy Fox, and for a while remained […]

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Book Review

Early Review: Falling for the Playboy, by Kennedy Fox

I have read every book Kennedy Fox has written, and I will continue to read every book they write. Even if they have baby fever and make so many Harry Potter references it makes me groan (WITH LOVE of course). Falling for the Playboy is their newest release (November 15th) and in typical Kennedy Fox fashion, […]

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Early Review: Needing Him by Kennedy Fox

Listen, book boyfriends are real. They are a thing, and I collect them. Collect might be an understatement- hoard is a better word. I hoard them and I have no shame. I knew before I even finished reading Taming Him (Bishop Brothers #1, baby brother Alex), that Evan was mine. So much so that I […]

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