Review Policy


Your time is valuable, as is mine- so please read through this (probably lengthy) review policy so you can decide if we’ll be a good fit (or not).

I am currently open for requests for books to review, but am not obligated to accept. I have the right to refuse based on time constraints and personal preferences.

I thoroughly, unashamedly, enjoy romance and that will always be my go to genre to review. My favorite romance sub-genres are:

  • Dark (I mean dark, do your worst)
  • Forbidden/Taboo
  • Erotic
  • Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

I do enjoy other genres, general fiction, contemporary, women’s fiction, young adult (primarily fantasy and science fiction) and poetry. I will NOT read non-fiction or horror. Hard pass.

Book forms I will accept for review:

  • Mobi (Kindle)
  • Paperback
  • Audio (note: extremely picky about audio)

If I end up not enjoying the book or not finishing it, I will be discuss that with you first, prior to writing any subsequent public review for it. I generally will not push myself through a book I am not overall enjoying. If for some reason I cannot complete a review in the time requested, I will communicate that with you prior to due date.

In addition to posting a review to my blog, I can and will also share it on Amazon and Goodreads.

When submitting a request for a book review please include the following:

  • Name
  • Book Cover
  • Summary (either brief or full)
  • Release Date (if not already published)
  • Content Desired (Review, Social Media sharing, Promo/Release Blitz)
  • Time Frame Desired

You can send requests to or contact me on Facebook, @aprilleewrites.